Group Programs

Our training techniques can be applied to all age groups and skill levels — from the 5-year old fledgling basketball player to the highly advanced professional athlete. We have group training programs for the offseason and programs that compliment in-season activity. Group sessions are typically 60 minutes long and involve 1-2 coaches and 6-15 athletes.

Maximize Your Potential. Blend Basketball Skills with
Strength, Speed, & Agility Training.

Ages 5-8 // Available Programs

Young Stars – Be an Accelerate Young Star! We focus on developing core fundamentals in a fun and challenging environment.

Learn and Play – Time for Accelerate Young Stars to play 3 v 3! We focus on teaching our youngest players through game situations to develop core team concepts.

All-Access – This option allows you to participate in both Young Stars and Learn and Play at a discounted price!


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Ages 9-12 // Available Programs

Drills 4 Skills – Learn footwork, ball handling, moves to the basket and speed & agility in a fun and challenging environment.

Train & Play – With a split of fast paced drills mixed with game play, our Train & Play program helps develop your young basketball player’s individual and team skill.

All-Access – This monthly option allows you to participate in both Drills for Skills and Train and Play at a discounted price!


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Ages 13+ // Available Programs

Premier – Our Collegiate Premier program is designed for experienced high school players who are serious about taking their game to the next level.

Shooting & Vertimax – Designed for middle and high school players, this program stresses the importance of consistency and attention to detail and helps players develop a framework for maintaining shooting consistency.

In-Season Training (November – February)  – Our In-Season training provides our players the opportunity to gain, regain, and continue to grow confidence in their individual skill.  We do this by allowing players to come in for one day during the week to focus on nothing but volume reps, reps that tend to disappear in practice.

All-Access – This option allows you to participate in any group training offered at this age group for 4 days per week and a total of 16 sessions a month at a discounted price!

*This group is only offered for ages 13 – 15

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An Accelerated System of Player Development

At Accelerate...
  • We love the game of basketball.
  • We focus on improving the way the game is played.
  • We are educators and aim to train in an intelligent environment.
  • We offer a system of training that blends basketball skills with strength, speed & agility work.
  • We thrive on seeing results... faster.

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