Group Programs

Our training techniques can be applied to all age groups and skill levels — from the 5-year old fledgling basketball player to the highly advanced professional athlete. We have group training programs for the offseason and programs that compliment in-season activity. Group sessions are typically 60 minutes long and involve 1-2 coaches and 6-15 athletes.

Maximize Your Potential. Blend Basketball Skills with
Strength, Speed, & Agility Training.

Ages 5-8 // Available Programs

Young Stars – Be an Accelerate Young Star! For 1st – 3rd graders.  We focus on developing core fundamentals in a fun and challenging environment.



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Ages 9-12 // Available Programs

Drills 4 Skills – Learn footwork, ball handling, moves to the basket and speed & agility in a fun and challenging environment.



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Ages 13+ // Available Programs

Middle School and High School Group Open Gym Supervised Training

Accelerate’s High School Basketball Training Small Group is for middle school and high school boys/girls who are serious about receiving world-class to compete at a high level.  Our specialty is accelerated skill acquisition.  Modeled after our college and NBA workouts, this program introduces our complex basketball concepts to young players in a way they understand and, more importantly, in a way they can apply on the court to improve performance.

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An Accelerated System of Player Development

At Accelerate...
  • We love the game of basketball.
  • We focus on improving the way the game is played.
  • We are educators and aim to train in an intelligent environment.
  • We offer a system of training that blends basketball skills with strength, speed & agility work.
  • We thrive on seeing results... faster.

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